Thursday, September 29, 2016

How To Apply A Ladybug Makeup For A Ladybug Halloween Costume

Adult ladybug costumes are one of the top costumes for women this Halloween. They are one of a kind clothing ensemble that will put you ahead of others. However, a ladybug costume requires a pretty ladybug makeup to complete your look. Find out in this article how you can create a sweet ladybug look that will make you shine out from the crowd.

A ladybug makeup is a fun, and easy thing to do before you spend the rest of the night partying. The materials you need are concealer, light foundation, red face makeup or red palette, black eyeliner, black mascara, lipstick, some rhinestones and little ladybug figures which can be bought from a craft store. Also, you need double-sided adhesive tapes to stick the rhinestones and ladybug figures.

Before you put on your makeup, make sure that you wash your face well to remove dirt and oil that might have accumulated on your face. Also, do not wear your ladybug costume yet, as they might get makeup stains, which is not easy to remove without washing. When everything’s set, cover some black spots on your face with the use of a makeup concealer. Then, evenly cover your entire face with light foundation to make a blank canvass. This will emphasize most of the ladybug features.

The next step is the most exciting part where we get to fill your face with pretty ladybug characteristics. We will make two ladybugs appear on each of your eyes by painting the whole section of your upper eyelids using a red face makeup or red palette. Once that is dried, make small black circles over it using black liquid eyeliner. Make a ladybug head on the outer portion and add two antennas on top of it. Then, put a silver rhinestone over the head to make the sparkling ladybug eye. Lastly, make 6 ladybug feet under the lower eyelashes. Put on black mascara on the upper lashes and there you have two ladybugs crawling over your eyes.

Do not forget to add blush on and red lipstick. Then, aesthetically place some ladybug figures on some areas of your face to add more fun on your Ladybug Costume. Now, there you have it. A complete Adult Ladybug Costume with a ladybug makeup all set for Halloween!

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