Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Do It Yourself Ways to Kill Termites

Let’s begin by stating that you can indeed kill termites yourself. Most people are looking for do it yourself termite control because it’s cheaper than calling the exterminator, which is quite understandable considering the cost you will pay to have a professional come out to get the job done. Yet this is a subject that is much like “how to do your own taxes.” You can do those taxes yourself, but if you don’t understand exactly what you’re doing, you could miss out on some major deductions. Same goes for killing termites. You can do it yourself, but you must really do your research, so that you can become a self-trained professional. You must also learn quickly so that you can cease the destruction of your home by these pests. So pay close attention to the rest of this article as it will explain in detail exactly what you need to know to kill termites yourself.

First of all, you must know what type of termites you have (and make sure that you aren’t mistaking a carpenter ant for a termite). There are two types of termites that invade our homes depending on where we live; subterranean and drywood termites. Each type must be treated with different methods. If you treat a subterranean termite with the method used to kill drywood termites, your efforts will be unsuccessful, and vice-versa.

Once you know which type of termite you have, you can now make a decision on the liquid solution needed to destroy them. There are several liquid solutions that can be found on the internet that will be specifically marked for treatment of either subterranean, or drywood termites. Make sure the product you purchase addresses the needs of your specific type of termite. If applied as the package directs, this will destroy your existing termites.

The final step you must take to kill termites yourself is to make sure new ones don’t find their way to your home. You can do this by purchasing termite bait. Termite bait works to reduce the termite population, which is the final step that must be taken in order to save your home. Once again, follow the directions on the package and you are good to go. These do it yourself ways to kill termites will save you thousands of dollars if done correctly.

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